EPS Bison update - new building regulations

(10 Jun 2011)

As of 1st June 2011 the new building regulations Part H comes into being.

We are pleased to confirm the following EPS products are in compliance with the new regulations:

  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Water treatment products
  • Rainwater harvesting range
  • Pumping equipment

Wastewater Treatment

From this date, all septic tanks and wastewater treatment plants (where an EN standard exists) and which are submitted on planning applications, must have the relevant EN (European) certification for Parts 1, 3 and 4.

Installations of systems on existing planning permissions will have 12 months' grace up to the 31st May 2012.  From this time, old planning permissions will have to comply with the new regulations and EN certified products must be installed.

The National Standards of Ireland (NSAI) will be publishing National Annexes which have been developed for the following Irish standards:

  • IS EN 12566-1 - requirements for small wastewater treatment systems (prefabricated septic tanks) for up to 50 inhabitants.
  • IS EN 12566-3 - requirements for small wastewater treatment systems (packaged and/or site assembled domestic wastewater treatment plants) for up to 50 inhabitants.
  • IS EN 12566-4 - requirements for small wastewater treatment systems (prefabricated septic tanks assembled in situ) for up to 50 inhabitants.

The NSAI propose to list approved systems on their website from 1st June.  They will also set up a national verification process where anyone who brings an EN certified product to market will have to submit all the test data for approval by the NSAI if they wish to sell their product in Ireland.  All treatment plants must be able to comply with a discharge consent of 20:30:20 mg/l BOD:SS:Ammonia.

Relevant websites

www.nsai.ie                           www.epa.ie                        www.environ.ie                      www.iwta.ie

We are pleased to confirm that we currently have a number of tried and trusted wastewater treatment plants that comply with the new EN certification standards.  They are as follows:

  • IS EN 12566-3
    • EPS Bison ASP 6-25PE
    • EPS Bison NSAF 8-50PE
    • EPS Bison Clereflo Zero 6-10PE

Our range of septic tanks has also been designed in accordance with IS EN 12566-1. 

Please contact the Bison sales staff for further information


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