General underground storage

Designed to be suitable for storing a wide range of clean or corrosive liquids. Applications include potable water, fuels, industrial effluents, domestic sewage, chemicals and other bulk liquids.

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Features and benefits:

  • Manufactured in accordance with the design principles of BS4994 and EN976
  • Applications include storm water balancing and attenuation systems, grit/sludge containment, storage of effluents, sewage and other bulk liquids
  • All vessels certified to BS EN ISO 9001 design and build
  • Full expertise in the design of large farm or single tank storm water balancing/water attenuation systems or sprinkler systems
  • Proven high performance and specialist product storage/holding expertise
  • Maintenance-free and corrosion resistant - unlike steel vessels
  • Versatile manufacturing offers options for either granular or concrete backfill
  • Lightweight construction allows easy installation
  • Versatile manufacturing offers options for either granular or concrete backfill installation
  • Choice of standard tanks or custom-made systems with all access facilities, flanges, baffles, fittings and accessories, e.g. pumps and flow controllers, designed and installed to meet specific project requirements
  • Full capability to manufacture grit arresting/sludge containment tanks, fire-fighting reservoir tanks, oil dump tanks as well as systems which can hold solids in suspension or collect accidental chemical spillage

Full technical AutoCAD and product support


Tank Interconnections

Conder underground storage tanks in all diameters and capacities can be provided with interconnecting pipework. This can be used to provide a larger, total storage volume or to provide a tank arrangement to meet particular site requirements.

Access Ladders

  • Full range available

Ball Floats, Check Valves & Vortex Inhibitors

  • Supplied to suit customer project requirements

Typical layout shown - bespoke layouts available on request:

  • end-end
  • side-side
  • modular design

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