Storage / Sprinkler Tanks

Product overview

  • Manufactured in accordance with the design principles of BS 4994 and EN 976
  • All vessels manufactured under an approved BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Design and Build Quality Management System
  • Available with both dry and wet pump rooms/sumps on request
  • Proven high performance and specialist product storage/holding expertise
  • Maintenance free and corrosion resistant - unlike steel vessels
  • Versatile manufacturing offers options for either granular or concrete backfill installation
  • Choice of standard tanks or custom-made systems with all access facilities, flanges, baffles, fittings and accessories, e.g. pumps and flow controllers, designed and installed to meet specific project requirements
  • Full capability to manufacture grit arresting/sludge containment tanks, fire-fighting reservoir tanks, oil dump tanks as well as systems which can hold solids in suspension or collect accidental chemical spillage

Full technical, AutoCAD and product support


Submersible Pumps, Pipework & Valves

  • The latest range of quality submersible pumps, vortex, channel or macerator products, complete with internal pipework and valves - guide rail mounted or free-standing. Some sitework may be needed for deeper installations, otherwise products are generally factory-fitted.

Access Ladders

  • Full range available

Typical layout shown - bespoke layouts available on request:

  • end-end
  • side-side
  • modular design

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