Designing the Future

Combining 50 years of water industry experience and advanced engineering techniques, EPS offers market leading treatment and pumping technology, delivered through digital engineering methods, providing a higher degree of adaptability, safety, efficiency and continuity in delivery.

Innovation Through Experience

Innovation within EPS is predominantly based on our people and our culture. With our industry experience, in-house knowledge, capabilities and commitment to innovate, we consistently strive to rethink the delivery of solutions for our customers and clients.

We achieve this through collaboration with our supply chain, customers and key partners. Collaboration is at the heart of our innovation process. Collaboration with an experienced, knowledgeable and multi-disciplinary base in our design and delivery teams working every day with our clients. Collaboration while knowing that the best solution is the safest solution. Collaboration and development of the best solution within a BIM environment giving a complete view of performance, sustainability and whole life cost.

With our ongoing focus on R&D and new technologies, we partner with technology providers through licence and integration models to deliver the newest & most innovative technologies as they emerge for our clients in the solutions we provide for them.

Some technologies that are delivering value for our customers & clients include: 

Nereda and PaxBiowater & DrydenBosman
Innovation Through Digital Platforms

Most of our innovations are not based on inventing something new, but rather applying existing or newer technologies to existing applications or focus areas in a different way or by using an alternative approach.

With a broad skills base in Mechanical, Electrical, SCADA, ICA, Process, Electronic and Structural design in-house, coupled with strong and established collaborative partnerships in our supply chain, we innovate as a collective team. Ideas or alternative technologies are tested and adapted on water assets that we manage and operate, hence fast tracking the ultimate financial offering for our clients.

With the ongoing application of lean methodologies within this innovative culture, we are able to pass the benefits & efficiency of innovation on to our customers.

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