Minworth WTW

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EPS, through our joint venture meps with Stantec Treatment, provided 2.8km of populated pipework racks for this plant upgrade.

The meps scope was for £1.2m of a £37.5m project.

Project Title



MWHT/Severn Trent Water


Sludge Treatment/Digestion / Mechanical DfMA Package

Minworth is Severn Trent’s largest sewage treatment works serving a population equivalent of 1.75 million from Birmingham.

The plant also treats a high volume of imported sludge from industry and regional works.

Average flow is 450 Ml/d (5.8 m3/s) with full flow to treatment of 1,070 Ml/d (12.4 m3/s).

Our collaborative approach to this project involved:

  • BIM 4D scheduling introduced

  • Synchro used to work collaboratively with the design, construction, commissioning and planning teams, including the suppliers

  • Weekly scheduling sessions run on site

  • Linking the project 3D model with the delivery programme

  • Providing improved visibility and understanding of the construction/installation and commissioning phases

  • Helping to identify, understand and mitigate risks

  • Provide maximum confidence of the programme

It resulted in:


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Minworth Thermal Hydrolysis Plant
Minworth Thermal Hydrolysis Plant

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