Ringsend MLPS

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EPS were engaged by Irish Water to design, supply and install new pumps and associated pipework as well as new electrical equipment, switchgear and control panels including associated works.

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Irish Water


Wastewater Treatment

The Ringsend Main Lift Pumping station delivers the majority of the existing 1.64m PE incoming flows to the main wastewater treatment plant for Dublin city.The pumping station must remain fully operational throughout the project. With all duty & assist pumps operating together, the station with be ultimately capable of pumping 18 m3/s forward to Ringsend WwTW.

The scope of this project is to replace the 6 existing pumps with 6 No. 630kW variable speed pumps, capable of up to 3.6 m3/s each, which are selected to achieve optimum energy efficiency and maximise unit life and provide optimum long-term operations and maintenance efficiency.

These works include the installation of 4 discharge DN1200 siphons, replacement of 2 10/20KV – 3.3kV transformers and 2 3.3kV-400V transformers, installation of MV switchgear and the upgrade of instrumentation, including all associated LV works.

A new ICA system is also being installed on site in order to control the system in full auto. Auxiliary equipment, including ventilation and odour units, will also be upgraded in order to comply with current specifications.

Ringsend MLPS Case Study

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Ringsend Site Layout
Pump 6 installed
Ringsend MLPS

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