Standardised & Bespoke Product Solutions

It's in our DNA - manufacturing since 1972

As operators of water and wastewater infrastructure over concessions of up to 20 years, we need the best products that require the least maintenance and energy for operation. For this reason, we manufacture our own mission-critical components to ensure the highest attainable quality for incorporation into treatment facilities.

Proven standardised & bespoke product solutions, validated, tested and optimised on sites we operate in Ireland and successfully delivered worldwide through over 20 product supply & installation frameworks.

Our key products include:

  • Chemical Dosing Systems
  • Surface Aeration Systems 
  • Diffused Aeration Systems
  • Packaged Inlet Works
  • Packaged Scraping Systems
  • Tertiary Solid Removal Systems 
  • Dissolved Air Flotation Units (DAFs)
  • Rapid Gravity Filter (RGFs)
  • Packaged Booster Sets
  • Packaged Pumping Solutions
  • Packaged UV Solutions
  • Containerised Solution


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