Protecting the Future


EPS puts sustainability first in all our activities and processes. We strive to develop cleaner technologies and solutions which reduce the environmental impact of not just ourselves but of our customers as well.


  • To be the most sustainable company in our industry

  • Create Sustainable SolutionsVision

  • Enable Customers to Responsibly Manage & Conserve Energy & Water Resources 

  • Meet or Better our Licence and Environmental Objectives


  • First DBO Water & Wastewater Solutions Company to receive ISO:50001

  • Working to Minimise Our ImpactEnergy

  • Identify Opportunities for Energy Saving

  • Environmentally Responsible Organisation

  • 100% Sourced Renewable Electricity for all of our Activities and Sites


  • First Irish DBO Water & Wastewater Solutions Company to receive CEMARS accreditationCarbon

  • One of the first Tier two providers in the UK water industry to receive CEMARS for our carbon reporting

  • Contributor to National Carbon Reduction Targets


  • First Irish DBO Water & Wastewater Solutions Company to receive ISO:14001 EMS accreditationEnvironment

  • Certified by Achilles Verify

  • Acknowledge Responsibility to Comply with Legislation & Prevention of Pollution

Future Actions

  • Trialling Pump as Turbine (PAT) Technology with Academic InstitutionsFuture Actions

  • Awareness of nZEB Building Regulations 

  • Plans to Install PV System and Introduce Electric Vehicles to Fleet Where Range Permits



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