Wadi Arab

Description Summary

This project was an EPS JV with El Concorde Construction for the Ministry of Water and Irrigation Water Authority of Jordan.


Project Title



Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Ministry of Water & Irrigation


Wastewater Treatment

The overall project entailed the upgrade of the two wastewater treatment plants at Central Irbid (250,000 PE) and Wadi Arab (140,000 PE), to achieve wastewater suitable for agricultural re-use after nitrogen removal, filtration and disinfection.

Scope of Work

The MEICA package provided by EPS under the contract included the design, manufacture, delivery to site and commissioning of the following items:

  • 52 no. sand filter sets
  • 12 no. surface aerators
  • 4 no. UV disinfection assemblies
  • 2 no. rotating half bridge scraper systems
  • 9 no. pump sets (RAS, WAS & washwater)
  • 8 no. flow generators
  • 6 no. adjustable weir penstocks
  • Instrumentation package

Positive Impact

Northern Jordan has one of the world’s most arid climates, and the scarcity of water resources is a key challenge to the region’s governing authorities and the Water Authority of Jordan. The delivery of the Central Irbid / Wadi Arab project has had immense benefits to the local community, providing vastly improved irrigation supplies and enabling local reservoirs to be dedicated to the provision of high quality potable water to the population.

Jordan Case Study
Wadi Arab Wastewater Treatment Plant
Wadi Arab Wastewater Treatment Plant

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