EPS Named as a Finalist in Engineers Ireland Engineering Excellence Series

EPS is delighted to be one of 6 finalists in Engineers Ireland’s Engineering Excellence Digital Series 2020.

There are 3 categories – Covid-19 related projects; Buildings & Infrastructure and Innovation & Sustainability.

Our submission, entitled Coppermills Water Treatment Works New Roughing Filters – The innovative use of collaboration and digital engineering tools to protect London’s water supply has been chosen as one of two category winners in the Innovation and Sustainability category.

Engineers Ireland in conjunction with our marketing and communications team collaborated on the storyboard for a 3 minute video to showcase the project.

Applying early engagement; innovative concept design; strong collaboration; digital engineering tools and our extensive off-site construction/DfMA knowledge significantly reduced the project programme, financial outlay and health & safety risks for end client Thames Water/SMB (Skanska, MWH Treatment & Balfour Beatty plc).

We worked alongside MWH Treatment through our MEPS joint venture and with Shay Murtagh on the project, while maintaining the water supply for 3.8M London residents throughout.

The project will be going to a public vote in December - and could be named Engineering Endeavour 2020.

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