EPS Water signs up to the Social Mobility Pledge

EPS is pleased to announce that we have signed up to the UK Social Mobility Pledge. This is a coalition of almost 500 global businesses providing a force for good by making social mobility a key element of their business planning and growth. The initiative is chaired by former Cabinet Minister, Justine Greening, and, in signing the pledge, EPS join several of their strategic client organisations and become one of the first water sector supply chain signatories.

Under the pledge, EPS commits to:

  • Working with schools and colleges local to our UK regional offices to provide coaching through quality careers advice, enrichment experience and mentoring to students, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.
  • Increasing opportunities for structured work experience and apprenticeship opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.
  • Adopting open employee recruitment practices which promote a level playing field for people from disadvantaged backgrounds or circumstances.

EPS Water’s UK General Manager, Shaun Stevens, explained the drivers behind the decision to sign up.

“I’m delighted that we have made our Social Mobility Pledge. With the water sector’s AMP7 programme now up and running, we are entering a period of sustained growth and it’s time to consider how we can make a positive impact on our industry and on society as a whole. As a family-owned business we operate very much as a community in our own right, and we always seek to support and benefit the wider communities in which we operate. This initiative commits us to ensuring that opportunities in EPS are open to people from all parts of society, and to promoting the water sector to the engineers of tomorrow.”

For more details, please visit www.socialmobilitypledge.org.

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