EPS Wins Place on UK Chemical Dosing Framework

EPS Group is kick starting 2021 with the awarding of a new UK framework.

Following a comprehensive procurement process, we have been nominated as a provider of packaged chemical dosing units to Southern Water through AMP7 and potentially beyond.

The framework has been established to cover the supply, installation and commissioning of packaged systems on water and wastewater treatment works across the Southern Water region. There are approximately 78 projects currently identified on the dosing programme, the majority which will require ferric sulphate dosing for the removal of phosphorus on wastewater sites.

Chemical Dosing Systems

The framework will kick off in January 2021 with the design of a range of standardised packaged dosing systems to meet Southern Water’s requirements and asset standards, with the delivery of systems to site beginning thereafter.

“We’re delighted to have secured another dosing framework to mark the start of the year,” says Shaun Stevens, EPS' UK General Manager. “Our teams have worked tirelessly through 2020 to maintain productivity and continuity of work, in spite of the challenges of the pandemic and the impacts it has had on workflows. This framework further expands our footprint in the UK water sector and will enable us to increase dosing output at our Centre of Excellence for Design & Manufacturing in 2021.”

Shaun adds: “It’s encouraging to have yet another water company recognise the value that the EPS product offering brings to the market. We look forward to working collaboratively with the Southern Water teams and fellow suppliers on the framework and to applying our expertise and experience for the benefit of our client and their customers.”

For more information on our chemical dosing capabilities, please contact Paul Cousans at pcousans@epswater.com or visit www.epswater.co.uk.

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