Pressure Vessels

Product Introduction

Fibreglass, stainless steel, hot and cold water tanks

Air to Water Fibreglass Tanks

These tanks from Global Water Solutions are available in 300 and 450L models.

8 Bar pressure relief valves are recommended to be fitted on fibreglass tanks

EPS Global Water Solutions Air to Water Fibreglass Tanks

Pressure Tanks - Composite

This FWDP Contact Tank comes in 151 - 310L capacities.

FWDP most notably features side ports that allow standard air over water or flexible flow application.

All threaded portshave stainless steel reinforcing rings, and the tank is lined with a polypropylene liner- non-corrosive and adding zero
taste or odour.

Continuous wound fibreglass and resin exterior shell will not corrode, and a durable injection moulded plastic base is ribbed for exceptional strength and durability.

EPS Global Water Solutions Composite

Pressure Tanks - Heating

These vertical Aquasystem tanks come in 8Bar and 10Bar and 100 to 1000 L capacities.

EPS Aquasystem 8Bar and 10Bar Heating Tanks

Pressure Tanks - Heating

There are lots of options such as the Flow Thru, the HeatWave and SolarWave.

Flow-Thru is an 80L model, HeatWave is available between 8 and 60L and SolarWave ranges from 8 to 35L.

EPS Global Water Solutions Flow Thru Tank

Pressure Tanks - Fibreglass

EPS can provide you with C2 fibreglass tanks from 60-450L.

The C2Lite CAD™ series tanks are lightweight and high quality, offering maximum working pressures of 8.6 bar. 

EPS Global Water Solutions C2 Fibreglass Pressure Tanks

Pressure Tanks - Steel

We stock Global Water Solutions PressureWave and Challenger tanks in various bar.

The PressureWave™ series are superior quality, versatile pressure tanks. 

Models are available from 2 to 150L, with a maximum working pressure of 10 bar, making them ideal for a range of applications.

The Challenger™ range of carbon steel tanks are available from 60 to 450L, with a maximum pressure of 10 or 8.6 bar (for tanks sold to NPT markets). 

EPS Global Water Solutions Pressurewave

Pressure Tank Accessories

We stock a variety of assembly fittings for both steel and fibreglass tanks.

Assembly for Steel Tanks