Our Product Range

Invertek Optipad

We stock the Optipad, data cables, splitters, isolators, leak alerts and more.

EPS Global Water Solutions Air to Water Fibreglass Tanks

These tanks from Global Water Solutions are available in 300 and 450L models.

EPS Global Water Solutions Composite

This FWDP Contact Tank comes in 151 - 310L capacities.

HC 240 A - Basic

These come in basic and deluxe models.

PTO Tractor Washer - Basic

These PTO washers are available in basic, deluxe and gear box models.

HC240 A Galvanised

This electric cold washer is galvanised to protect against the elements and comes in 230V and 400

EPS Aquasystem 8Bar and 10Bar Heating Tanks

These vertical Aquasystem tanks come in 8Bar and 10Bar and 100 to 1000 L capacities.

EPS Global Water Solutions Flow Thru Tank

There are lots of options such as the Flow Thru, the HeatWave and SolarWave.

EPS Global Water Solutions C2 Fibreglass Pressure Tanks

EPS can provide you with C2 fibreglass tanks from 60-450L.

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