Slimline units will fit through a standard doorway and is suitable where floor space is limited. 

Pressure Sets with Presflo Vario

Pressure boosting sets can be customised to suit your application or needs by combining various t


COMBIPRESS replicates a good mains pressure and supplies an abundance of water.

Powerboost PRO E 1

Clean water booster sets for domestic, commercial, agricultural, industrial and municipal markets

Powerboost Cube

The compact and efficient Powerboost CUBE is the result of constant design innovation.

Powerboost Flow F

The FLOW range is designed to replicate a good mains pressure and supply an abundance of water to

Multiboost Bunded 250 and 650L

The Bunded range is designed for commercial use where there is low mains water and pressure fluct

Multiboost Utility 250 and 500L

The Utility range is designed for areas where floor space is not restricted. 

Multiboost Simplicity Slimline Utility

The Simplicity range is the entry level system in the Multiboost family.

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