Invertek Optipad

We stock the Optipad, data cables, splitters, isolators, leak alerts and more.

EPS Float Switch

We have our own EPS brand, MAC or Remex float switches.

DG Flow Steadypres Sensor V2

We stock a huge range of DG Flow accessories.

DG Flow Presflo Vario

We stock DG Flow, Matic and Brio controllers.

DG Flow Steadypres

Multipres makes controlling the running/stop pressure of pumps precise and reliable.

DG Flow Steadypres 1

Steadypres comes in a variety of combinations.    

Invertek P2 IP20 Panel Mounted

P2 variable frequency drive provides the most cost effective solution for industry.  

Invertek Eco IP66 Wall Mounted Non Switched

Variable speed drives (VSD) are designed to control and protect pumping systems based on changing

Invertek E3 IP66 Wall Mounted Outdoor Non Switched

Unrivalled simplicity of installation, connection and commissioning.

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