Pedrollo RX2

We have a variety of Pedrollo pumping solutions to deal with this eventuality.

Pedrollo Plug and Drain

These drainage pumps cater for clean water applications.

Pedrollo TOP

We have submersible pumps suitable for clean water, waste water and aggressive liquids.

Pedrollo 6SR-HYD

We stock these submersible pumps from Pedrollo and Subteck.

Pedrollo 3SR

These submersible pumps are from EPS, Pedrollo, Franklin and PM.

Pedrollo NK-GE

These Pedrollo pumps are for clean water applications.

Pedrollo Plurijet-X

These Pedrollo pumps come in noryl or stainless steel.

Pedrollo JSW and JSW-X

These Pedrollo and Pentax pumps can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Pedrollo CK and CKR

These Pedrollo pumps also have accessories to optimise performance.

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