Committed to Our Communities

We are acutely aware of our role in providing clean water to communities and treating wastewater to protect the environment.

Whether serving small, rural communities or large conurbations, we are focused on delivering best value to our clients and their bill paying customers through our industry-leading expertise, experience and behaviours.

Our commitment is reflected in the direct community initiatives in which we participate.

EPS always seeks to go one step further to ensure our influence is felt beyond the project site.

Meeting Our Wider Obligations

EPS recognises our responsibilities to our team, customers, partners, the general public and the environment. 

  • Providing a safe, stimulating and dynamic employee environment
  • Maintaining open dialogue with our stakeholders to ensure that goals are aligned
  • Becoming our customers Partner of Choice
  • Being the most sustainable company in our industry
  • Maintaining our commitment to excellence and innovation in all activities
  • Building long-term relationships with our employees, customers, partners and suppliers
  • Delivering products and services in a timely, reliable and safe manner
  • Continuously improving our performance
  • Putting sustainability first in everything we do
  • Investing in community initiatives across our geographical base

Corporate Social Responsibility in EPS

Proudly supporting a large number of community and charity events each year:

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