Residential, Agricultural & Building Services

We provide a wide range of water and pumping systems for residential units, from pumps and pumping systems to water treatment systems. 


We understand the water treatment and pumping needs of our customers in the agricultural sector. That's where we started five decades ago - providing quality services and products to meet the farming community's water treatment needs, from effluent treatment and slurry management to parlour wash-down, pumping and rainwater harvesting systems. We also provide farm slurry mixing / handling / digester systems.


Our residential division designs, supplies and services homes nationwide with a variety of pumping and water treatment technologies and solutions. We have fortunate to have a nationwide network of trusted and reliable agents who support the homeowners and domestic sector with us.

Building Services

We are the largest Irish-owned company involved in the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of water and wastewater treatment solutions, pumping solutions and their ongoing operation and maintenance.


Industrial customers choose us for our water and wastewater treatment and pumping solutions. We have over 300 reference sites in a diverse range of industries and municipal projects. We provide a large variety of pumping solutions for industrial applications for companies involved in the food & beverage industry amongst others.


We have a proven track record of almost 5 decades in the business and have successfully completed many large-scale treatment and pumping projects for the commercial sector, from pumping stations to turnkey water and wastewater treatment solutions.

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